Anne Renée van de Putte- de Voogd: Veterinarian, owner of the practice.
I graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht in 1995. I have worked in several practises and started working in the Veterinary Practice Wassenaar with my father and M. Kramer in 1996.
I grew up in the practice and that’s where my love for animals first started.
I have got 2 dogs, a cat named Limoentje and I also have fish, chickens and rabbits. Rodents, rabbits and other 'special' animals have my special interest.

Bart Verdoes: Veterinarian
I graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht in 2002. I started working in two different practices and I started working here in 2003 when M. Kramer retired. I quickly discovered that this is a practise that takes real time and care with both the patients and their owners!
As a child I always had a dog and a guinea pig, and now I have got two cats of my own: Dino and Spooky.
Internal medicine have my extra interest.

Karin Smeele: Veterinary Assistant (paraveterinarian)
I originally trained to become a hairdresser, but I started to work here in 1991 as veterinary nurse and a groomer for dogs and cats. For the last few years I take care of animals in my home while people are away.
I have got two dogs called Alfa and Hummer, two cats called Mac and Flurrie and two mice.

Suzanne Bruinsma: Veterinary Assistant (paraveterinarian)
I did an internship at the Wassenaar Practice in 2000 and after completing my education I continued to work at the practice. I have 1 cat Snuf. I have special interest in X-rays and anesthesia.

Jolanda Nijp: Veterinary Assistant
In 1988 I completed an internship at the Wassenaar Practice and have worked here since then. I have got 6 cats: Ziggy, Jamaica, Ubie, Gaya, Bob and Crissie. I have also got two chickens, Bep and Truus, and two rabbits Koosje and Mario. I really love cats! If necessary,when you are away, I can visit your home and feed and give attention to your cat.