The History of our Wassenaar Veterinary Practice

Our practice was opened in 1958 by G.B. de Voogd in two locations, in the Persijnlaan, Wassenaar and in the Wesselstraat in The Hague. Miss I.A.A. de Voogd- Soer was the veterinary assistant and also took care of the administration work.

After 3 months our practice moved from de Persijnlaan to our present location of Herenweg 11 in Wassenaar. The Veterinary Practice was situated on the first floor as the rest of the house was owned by other people and was being used as family accommodation. It was an interesting way for the children of these families to grow up as there was always something new to see. In those days the living room doubled as the practices waiting room! After one and a half years familly de Voogd bought the remainder of the building, but the veterinary practice still remained on the first floor. About six years after moving to Herenweg the purpose built building, which is now used as the veterinary practice, was added to the back of the house.

After a short time the good reputation of the practice meant that we had a growing number of clients. At this time M. Kramer joined the practice and within one year he became a partner. At this time general surgery and orthopaedics became part of the services offered.

The veterinary practice was, from the very beginning, one of the leaders in small animal practice providing such modern and up to date services as gas anaesthesia and x-ray facilities. The Royal Dutch Organisation for Veterinary Science described the practice as "an example for other practises"!

G.B. de Voogd was very active within The Royal Dutch Organisation for Veterinary Science and was one of the founding members of the International Congress "De Voorjaarsdagen" in Amsterdam. This Congress became a highly regarded international Congress for domestic animals and horses. Also he was one of the founders and a chairman of the Cooperation of Veterinarians of The Hague. This is the oldest and largest cooperation in Holland and it is still providing a guaranteed 24 hour veterinary service during the weekend!

In 1996 A.R. van de Putte-de Voogd, the daughter of G.B. de Voogd, joined our practice as a veterinarian. G.B. de Voogd retired in 2001 and M. Kramer retired in 2003 and was replaced B. Verdoes.

And that is the story of how, fifty years later, we came to be the thriving and well regarded practice we are today.

We are a modern and compassionate animal practice with a rich and colourful history!