1. In general
A tasty food with the right composition is really important to keep your pet in top condition. The best and easiest way to keep your pet healthy is to feed him a commercially available wet or dry food. It is not a good idea to formulate a diet yourself because this often leads to a shortage of certain nutrients.

For every age and breed we try to recommend a food that provides for the animals specific requirements. It is especially important in puppies of large or giant breeds as they are sensitive to growth pains or joint growth pains. We can prevent this by feeding the animal the right food, not over exercising him and keeping him slim.
We can give you specific advice about the nutrition of your pet!

2. Diet food
Pets can suffer during their lives from some acute and chronic health problems. An animal’s diet can help in the treatment and prevention of disease, for example prevention of GI-tract infections, skin infections, urinary infections, poor dental health, arthrosis, kidney problems, diabetes or obesitas.
Joint and obesity problems can often be treated by diet with the help and advice of our well trained staff.

3. Obesity, we can and must do something about it!
A lot of pets suffer from obesity. It causes the same problems in animals as it does in people, such as joint problems, diabetes mellitus, inability to exercise and a shorter life expectancy.
Together we can make a detailed plan to achieve the ideal weight for your pet, and then to maintain this weight. With our combined efforts we will succeed! If you buy weight reduction food from our practice we will weigh your pet on a regular basis for free. By doing this we can work together to maintain your pets weight and you will have a happy, healthy pet. We know it is not always easy to stick to a diet plan, but together we will succeed!