After anaesthesia

When your pet awakes up from an anaesthetic there are a few important things you need to remember:

• Keep your pet warm (But not too hot! Not in the sun or against the central heating!)
• Give your pet some peace and quiet in a familiar, safe environment.
• Make sure that your pet is safe and cannot harm himself when trying to stand up.
• Your pet can drink water as soon as he wants to. Do not sprinkle water in his mouth. When an animal is not fully conscious it is possible that he will choke.

If any of the following problems occur contact us immediately:

• Your pet is getting more and more listless
• Your pet is becoming very cold.
• If there is more than a few drops of blood leaking out of the wound, or when the mucus membranes are getting pale (e.g. gums, tongue , conjunctivae or inside of the lip)
• Vomiting several times (> 3-4 times).
• Your pet is not drinking water the day after the anaesthetic took place or if your pet does not eat on the second day after the anaesthetic.
• Your pet is becoming very restless.
• The wound is getting red or very swollen.
• Your pet is licking or scratching the wound.

It is not possible to provide detailed information for every situation on this website, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us (070-51145456) or visit our practice.