Neutering of a male dog

When a male dog is neutered both testicles are removed under a general anaesthetic. The wound is then closed with soluble stitches in the skin. Sometimes external stitches are required. These external stitches are removed after 10 days. During this time your dog can be taken on short walks, but he must not be let off the lead. We advise that the dog wears a cone or a T-shirt so that he cannot lick the wound.

Reasons for neutering are:
• Too much sexual activity
• Dominance problems (neutering must be combined with behaviour training!)
• Inflammation of the foreskin
• Problems because of an enlarged prostate
• Preventing unwanted pregnancies
• Testicle cancer

Neutering can be done from six months old.

People who receive maintenance can obtain help from the Animal Protection Organisation to fund the cost of getting their pet neutered.