Neutering female cat

When your cat is on heat you will see the following symptoms:
- Restlessness
- More affectionate
- Yelling/ howling
- Tumbling
- Reduced appetite

The first heat will start at approx. 6 months and will last for 7-9 days. Subsequent heats will take place every 2-3 weeks. The time of the year and the length of the days also influences the age of a cats first heat. Most cats come into heat from spring till autumn but indoor cats can be on heat all year round.


Neutering in this case means surgical removal of both ovaries; the uterus will not be removed unless there is a medical need for it to be. After this operation your cat will not come into heat again and will not become (pseudo-) pregnant. Castration is the correct word for this type of surgery.

Neutering is possible from 6 months. We would advise you to neuter your cat between 6-10 months old. After surgery your cat will have a few outer stitches. The rest of the skin stitches are placed internally. After neutering your cat must be kept indoors for ten days to allow the wound to heal. Usually a collar or special Pet T-shirt is required to prevent your cat from licking the wound. After about ten days the outer stitches can be removed.


Anticonception is only advised as a temporary prevention of heat. It is not a good choice as a long term solution because of an increased risk of inflammation of the uterus, mammary tumors and diabetes mellitus.
We would advise only minimum use of contraception.

People who receive maintenance can obtain help from the Animal Protection Organisation to fund the cost of getting their pet neutered.