Ticks are little beasts with 8 paws and a head and trunk that are fused together. They are part of the spider family. A female tick sucks blood for 7-10 days from the host e.g. a dog, and she can get as big as 1 cm. After that she falls off the host and gives birth to thousands of eggs in a hidden place and then dies.


The different stadia of the tick cling onto grass or trees and wait for a suitable host to jump on to. They can survive for months without a host. Usually the host will not feel any pain when bitten because there is a substance in the saliva of the tick that gives pain relief. After a while inflammation and itching can occur at the site of the tick bite. Furthermore ticks can spread several severe diseases to both people and pets. Tick prevention (year round) is very important. Please ask us for the best tick prevention for your specific situation.

Een volgezogen teek in de vacht

The best way to remove a tick
The best way to remove a tick is by pulling it off while holding the tick as close to the animals/person’s skin as possible. Holding the tick with a pair of tweezers is sometimes easier than with your fingers. After removal you can disinfect the area with iodine or alcohol. Do not put alcohol on the tick before removal because this can cause the tick to transfer a disease because of stress to the host.