Fleas are probably the most common parasites in dogs and cats. Fleas multiply rapidly, not only in summer but also in winter! Thorough flea prevention is really important.

Fleas can cause a flea allergy in animals; this causes a pet to become extremely sensitive to the saliva of a flea. As a result when an animal is bitten by a flea the wound does not clot.
Fleas are carriers of tapeworms. Pets with fleas should also be treated for worms!

The best form of flea treatment (for an outdoor cat) is to put flea drops on the neck every month. Ask your veterinarian or veterinarian assistant for advice for your specific situation!

You open up the hairs on the neck and put the drops slowly onto the bare skin over a small area until till the drops are finished. The drops are absorbed into the skin and spread over the body through the skin fat (the flea drops do not enter the animals blood). You should not wash your pet for two days before or after using the drops. It is not usually necessary to treat your house when your pet has a flea infestation. We sell drops that kill the flea before it actually bites your pet; this is important if your pet has got a flea allergy.

Did you know:

• It is essential to use flea prevention all year round as fleas can survive the winterindoors.

• If one pet has fleas, there is a big chance that all your pets have fleas.

• A flea produces more than 100 eggs a day!

• Fleas can survive in your pet’s environment as eggs, larvae, larvae in a cocoon or as an adult flea for a long time.

Ask your veterinarian or veterinarian assistant for advice concerning your specific situation! Our telephone number is 070-15114546.