Vaccination of rabbits

During the last decade many wild and domesticated rabbits have died because of a viral hemorragic disease (V.H.D.) or myxomatosis virus infection.

Fortunately we can prevent this nowadays.
With a twice a year Myxomatosis and a yearly VHD vaccination your rabbit will be protected against these diseases. Indoor rabbits must also be vaccinated!

Myxomatosis is a rabbit disease first discovered in about 1955. Since then it has spread rapidly and many wild and domesticated rabbits have died from it. This disease is caused by a virus and the carriers are mosquitoes, fleas and flies or just direct rabbit-rabbit contact. The symptoms are: swelling and bumps around the nose, mouth, ears and anal region of the rabbit. The animals then stop eating and develop breathing difficulties. Almost all infected rabbits will die.

Viral Hemorragic Disese (V.H.D.)
V.H.D. is a common rabbit disease caused by a virus. The disease is spread through infected food or via clothes/ shoes/ faeces/ urine. Transmission of the disease is also possible through direct contact.
This viral disease usually causes sudden death. Other symptoms are bleeding from the nose, difficulty with breathing or neurological signs.

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